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the latest news from pearl river piano

Just as we are constantly evolving the craft of piano design, Pearl River is actively involved in the global music community. The feedback we receive from events and shows influence the new products and technologies we introduce.

turning hand-built mastery into string instruments

For more than a half-century, the Pearl River Piano Group has evolved in producing the Pearl River, Ritmüller, Kayserburg brands of acoustic pianos and Pearl River brand digital pianos.

Now, after becoming the world’s best-selling piano brand, Pearl River has introduced a new line of string instruments that follow the centuries-old tradition of the famous Cremona School of construction, with the iconic Stradivari violin used as the main production template.

pearl river strikes again with innovative piano hammer system

Pearl River Piano Group tasked their R&D department to create a groundbreaking new hammer management system called PR2.0. The innovative system was launched at Music China 2020, where it was part of a massive new product launch by the world’s best-selling piano group.

With the goal of expanding upon traditional European craftsmanship, and aided by advanced CNC technologies, the PR2.0 hammer system represents a huge leap forward in the production of concert-level hammers. It was an arduous task, with nearly a year of continuous lab-testing, and 1,458 modifications before the PR2.0 system was complete.

welcome to music china 2020

Music China is the most comprehensive event in the music industry worldwide. The Pearl River Piano Group is proud to present the largest display of acoustic pianos ever. Among the highlights of the show are the Celestial Harmony Spacewalk, the first grand piano created by 3D printing technology, unique exotic veneers by Kayserburg, a “Sound of Spring” Art Case Edition model plus a one-of-a-kind original Ritmüller upright piano built in 1899.